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Don’t Fall into the Rental Trap

Don’t Fall into the Rental Trap

62% of renters indicate they believe they are losing money by renting- and rents only continue to increase. Don’t fall into the rental trap!
If you’re currently renting, let’s get together to explore your homeownership options.

Millionaire to Millennials: The Costly Mistake of Not Buying Now

On his personal website, self-made millionaire David Bach makes a striking statement:  “Not prioritizing homeownership is the single biggest mistake millennials are making.”  He further stated, “Buying a home is an escalator to wealth.” Bach explains: “Young adults in particular aren’t hopping…

How to prepare for a home inspection and maybe get a better price

How can you get a better price on a home — and make sure it’s safe and comfortable?

An effective way is to hire a home inspector to uncover the hidden secrets nestled in the property.

“Inspecting a home is incredibly important because you’re spending probably all your money on that house,” says home inspector Joe Mazza, 44, owner of Exclusive Home Inspection and a licensed home inspector in New York and Connecticut.